Wedding ceremony musicians (duo or trio)

Need seasoned musicians for your wedding ceremony? Jeux de cordes’ duo (violin and guitar) or trio (violin, guitar and double bass) will create the special atmosphere needed for the most important day of your life!

With our experience of more than 500 weddings, we will help you to choose the right repertoire suited for this occasion whether you love classical music or prefer pop or traditional music.

Duo de musiciens violon et guitare
Duo : violin and guitar

Musicians for your cocktail and dinner

After the ceremony, you will need lively music to celebrate and have fun. Our vast repertoire of music is suited for any moods ranging from jazz, to pop, traditional (Russian, Italian, Brazilian, Jewish), folk, dance and even rock!

Trio Jeux de cordes lors d'un événement.
Trio : violin, guitar and double bass

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